Ode to Puppers

Oh pups. I have a ritual that I do anytime I see a dog on the streets of Boston. Actually I do this no matter where I am. It could be a stuffed dog, as in a stuffed animal dog, not a taxidermized dog. Is taxidermized a word? The red squiggly line underneath it says no but my lazy self refusing to google is says yes.

Using my advanced drawing skills, I will now show you what it looks like when I encounter these magical creatures in public:


As you can see, the dog is very excited to see me so excited and the two of us gaze at each other in utter bliss until the owner finally says wtf and walks away. My favorite encounter recently was running into a pupper who looked like my lil Bailey who’s lounging about back in New York right now. This was a yellow lab who sat there on Beacon Street, and his/her owner (I didn’t get a gender in this instance) was looking away. And so I sprung, like a cobra, or a viper, or even a python. I like snakes. So the owner is minding his own business (I did get the owner’s gender) and then he whips his head around to see me petting his dog’s head and talking in that baby voice that we all do when we see a dog. I literally cannot help myself. I then proceeded to make awkward eye contact with the man and say, and I quote, “I just…he…she…really looks like my dog at home,” and I ran. I am a coherent human being. Ok so here’s an older selfie of me and her when she actually sat still for me to take this. Just kidding. What you don’t see is the time before it took me to wrestle her into submission and force her to look cute with me for a nice Facebook photo.



But honestly dogs are the best. They’re a great form of therapy. My school just got a therapy dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rudy, and I met him the other day. I literally went to my room after and cried tears of joy because I could pet a freakin dog. I love how I can have a shitty day, I mean I don’t love shitty days, but you understand where I’m going I hope, and then I see a boxer walking across the street wearing bright yellow booties. I mean the dog breed not the profession. Although Rocky in bright yellow booties might be entertaining? I don’t know I’m rambling again. But I’ve been diagnosed with all these mental illnesses for years now, and the only thing that has always managed to make me smile no matter how I feel is a dog. I remember one day last semester when I was so anxious about everything that I was literally shaking. I couldn’t keep my hands still and my brain felt like it would explode. All I wanted was to curl up in bed and cry, but even after my classes, I couldn’t even get my body to loosen up enough to do that. I ended up taking a walk, as I’ve recently discovered physically activity is incredible, #yogagirlforlif. On my walk in the Public Garden, I found a pug in a sweater, a baby corgi, and a giant chocolate lab. I got to pet the chocolate lab and he licked my face. THat was it. THat was all that happened and yet I felt just that little bit better where I could go home, focus on homework and having fun with my roommates, and everything else I had to do that day.

Dogs are always smiling!! They love you unconditionally, and if I say “Hey dog I’m feeling depressed today” they don’t answer with, “Just don’t be sad”. I love dogs, because they accomplish one of the major goals that I try to achieve, to help as many people feel as happy and accepted as possible. Go dogs!!!!!!



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