I’ve Had Starbucks the Past Five Days

No reason for that title, other than the fact that I LOVE STARBUCKS and today is…..segway into next paragraph….

Guess what today’s gonna be? A mental health break day! I mean that as in I’m taking a little break for myself, not that my mind will snap today and I’ll end up in a puddle on the floor writhing around in misery. That was a two days ago. Ok. I like to stress that it’s important to take a mental health break when you need it. For example, I survived my reading! People thought my piece was funny! It’s about a talking balloon, long story short. And today, I had to read a piece in class where my character was alone in an elevator with drunk guys, and that was scary because I’ve never read anything like that out loud before. I’ve written a lot of it, but somehow reading it out loud scared me, like I was reading something deeply personal. I guess because that’s the kind of fear I live with everyday. But that happened, and then I had a test right after that where I had to write some short answer stuff and an essay in an hour and 45 minutes.

I’m a terrible test taker. I legit threw up in the bathroom in the middle of my SATs a few years ago. Tests make me forget everything I learned. I HATE TESTS. I’ve graduated to not throwing up during tests, however, so I take that as a positive. I’m also not sure how well I did, because I literally sat down and forgot everything about Franz Kafka. And I love Franz!!!!! Franz is a badass author who writes really great stuff, like is he existentialism, or nihilism? I don’t know!!! They both think he’s one of them!!!! GO FRANZ!!! But no, I forgot literally everything except that he would giggle when he read some of his darker works. Needless to say, that fact doesn’t do much when you’re writing about the miscommunication of justice amongst society and the problems with faceless bureaucracy.

But I finally get a break for a bit the rest of the day. And that’s where I think self-care is really important. For example, I just bought myself an Itunes card because I’m a weenie and don’t pirate music online so that the FBI doesn’t find me. I also bought myself that Bottlecaps candy? I just found out the Walgreens down the street sells them so basically I’ll be shoving sugar down my throat even more now. Yippee. Also, I’m gonna sit here and listen to The Weeknd, who I love more than any other artist in the world and whose new single Starboy is the best thing ever and that haircut ohmygosh he’s killing it I love it damn it The Weeknd’s voice is better than anything OK SAMMI MOVE ON. Not to mention his other single False Alarm just got released today?!?!?!?!? Spoiler alert, it also kicks ass.

What else will I do? I’ll probably do some yoga, and some coloring, and reading some fun books, like nothing for class or stuff like that. I think that’s pretty ok, right? WE all work pretty hard, and I think everyone deserves a nice break. So I’ll leave you all with that, and bid adieu to you, haha rhyme, my darling toucans!!! Be touCANs and not touCANTs!!!!!


He’s a real touCAN. He’s ready to go and have some fun, probably eat some worms and shit. I don’t know what toucans eat.


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