You read that right!!! It’s Halloween! Halloween is a month not a day. So naturally I dressed up and celebrated while dancing to the Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix because it makes me shriek like a pterodactyl in anticipation for Halloween.

It’s a tiny picture but you can see the excitement. And speaking of pterodactyls, I went to the Boston Museum of Science last night, saw some badass models of dinosaurs like A GIANT FREAKING T REX.

And to top of a fabulous twenty four hours, the Boston Public Library was having a book sale with really cheap books and I managed to pick up a random Toni Morrison book, Love, see it was 25 dollars, question why on earth this book would cost this amount, then flipped it open and almost PTERODACTYL SCREECHED BECAUSE IT WAS SIGNED BY TONI FREAKING MORRISON. I DON’T HAVE THE BOOK ON ME RIGHT NOW BUT MAN OH MAN I WAS PUMPED I GOTTA MAKE A POST ABOUT MY BOOKS AND STUFF.

Which then brings me to the un-caps lock portion of this post, wherein I must confess, this extravagance that has been my life the past twenty four hours is an elaborate ruse for me to treat myself in the midst of having a lot of work piling up at once. I have about ten short stories and a novel to read and analyze within a week. I have to write a short story by Wednesday night, and I have some reading responses to get done. It’s a little mountain that I’m trying to manage, and I’m feeling ok about it going into the week. I’m planning on doing nothing but work the next two days, and hopefully manage to finish the novel today even. And while I am stressed out, I’m happy I took the past twenty four hours to actually enjoy myself and not stress about what I have to do next, or what will happen if I don’t do it. I trust I will get to everything eventually, (Stephen King pun everyone, whoawhoawhoa who’s read Everything’s Eventual!?!?!?!? Oh wait I’m not supposed to explain puns if they’re clever enough, just forget it and keep reading) and allow myself to have fun even when I believe I don’t deserve it. Because I do deserve it, and everyone deserves it, because we live in a stressful society and if you want to take some time to stare at a GIANT FREAKIN T-REX MODEL!?!?!?!? GO RIGHT AHEAD!!!!!! And so with that, I will say farewell for the day to my lovely AWESOME T-REXES (is that the plural of T-Rex? You’ll find that I don’t like taking the time to google these things, instead I just wonder to myself before I continue typing as if nothing is wrong. I think that’s a metaphor for my life….yikes…..




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