You Thought You’d Seen the Last of Me

No one thought they’d seen the last of me, it just has a lot of attitude, and I really need that today. Hello all, I’ve returned after a couple days’ hiatus (my editor says I can leave that apostrophe after days, because my editor is actually me and I get to do what I want because I have no supervisor on this blog dear God who let this happen). You’re probably wondering, wow she must’ve been so busy and running around and slaying vampires and chasing albino ducks in the Public Garden. No, alas, my week was not so grand.

I was actually overwhelmed with schoolwork and caught a cold, and my depression dipped a little bit this week. I was on my computer doing things for school and couldn’t even bring myself to summon enough creative juices to make a blog post. And here is where I say this is the nature of my depression. I literally just got out of bed for the day, and it’s about 1:15 pm where I am. The last week my legs have been feeling like lead and my motivation to even see people is almost nonexistent. I’ve been buried in school books all week and refused to make contact with anyone. I like being alone pretty often, or at least in the company of others but as long as we’re silently doing our own things. This week I wanted nothing. I’ve been so low I just wondered if I’d ever get my schoolwork done and how on earth I was going to slog through my classes. I can’t even come up with a feeling to describe it because I haven’t really felt anything the past few days. I’m going to try and do yoga today and see if that’ll help me, but I’m first taking a shower to clear out my sinuses because MY TINY NOSE IS NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I do want to say that one of the bright parts of my week was my dad coming up and taking me to lunch on Monday. Sometimes it’s good to see family when things aren’t going so well. Also I talked with my mom the other night and I think she might come up to visit me with my aunt and little cousin in about a month. I like to stockpile little moments of happiness that I can try to look and and say “Yippee girl, look at all this cool shit that’s happening.” It didn’t work too well this week, so I’m going to take the L and move on. And I mean the “loss” in case anyone doesn’t know. The “T” is the train station here in Boston, is the “L” for another place? My brain is not equipped for geography right now. Or anything really. But I did get a poster of an otter saying “Otters gonna Ott” and I’d take a picture and show it to you all but it’s currently buried under a sleeve of Dr. Pepper, laundry detergent, and some books so it straightens out. Then again I’m not completely straight so why should my posters be? I’m bisexual, did I tell you all that? Well there you go :)!!! I like the smiley face with exclamation points after it, because if you turn sideways it looks like it’s resting on a pile of OMGOMGOMGEXCITEMENT. And if you turn sideways the other way, it’s like eyes with raised eyebrows and exclamation marks above it and it still looks like OMGOMGOMGSURPRISE. I’ll leave you with that thought and return to you all most likely in better spirits on Sunday.

Goodbye and happy health my lil fruit bats!

(I don’t care what anyone says, bats are cute.)


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