I Am an Aching MESS

My mom told me this weekend that I had to “take care of myself better”. I wholeheartedly agree. Then I proceeded to get sick and feel all achy and in pain and go walk to the Prudential Center in the freezing cold without wearing the proper attire. Why do I do this.

And then there’s the reason I got sick in the first place. Friday night I thought it’d be a bright idea to go to Target and carry a vacuum through the pouring rain. While there was a flash flood warning in Boston. And if that wasn’t enough, I went out AGAIN later that night when rivers fell from the sky to pick up Cyndi from work cause she forgot a jacket and needed help. I. Was. Soaked. MY SOCKS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT ARE STILL DAMP. SO ARE THE JEANS I WORE. AND THE JACKET. EVERYTHING IS WET AND GROSS. But yeah this is my life. BUT I have to listen to my mom, or else she’ll read this and come up to Boston and drop kick me. Lol not really…..see that Mom now that I’ve said it online if I suddenly show up to class having been dropkicked they’ll know who it was. This was all an elaborate insurance policy. I just stared at my computer wondering how to spell insurance and then went off and watched videos of Sebastian Stan from Tulsa Wizard World because I have no impulse control and I have a fever so my fever brain is out of it for real.

Wait! There’s more!! I’m going to Panera to get myself food because I made soup and I made it wrong so the noodles didn’t cook. Note to Lipton soup lovers: DON’T USE A KEURIG FOR YOUR SOUP. YOU NEED TO COOK THE NOODLES IN A STEADY BOIL NOT JUST TOSS THEM IN HOT WATER AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.

I couldn’t even make soup right. Normally, I would say whatever and go without food out of sheer laziness, or in tonight’s case so that I don’t throw up when the Walking Dead returns tonight and they kill one of my darlings, but that’s another mental challenge for a future blog post. Back to my point, I’m buying myself a salad and something else because I’m going to take care of myself and eat. Take care of yourselves my dears!! Self-care is so important and honestly I’m proud of myself for going out to Panera when I really don’t want to. But I know I need to and so I will.

Out into the tundra I go, my elks. Don’t ask why I called you all elks, I was just thinkin bout elves. HOT DAMN I MEANT TO TYPE ELKS, WOW THAT WAS SO FUNNY I’M JUST GONNA LEAVE THAT TYPO THERE.



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