So That Walking Dead Episode…

NO SPOILERS HERE. I’m not spoiling anything, all I can say is nothing because I have no words, but at least Jeffrey Dean Morgan is attractive, so even though Negan is a total douche canoe, we have that.

Ok so I don’t really know what I wanted to write about today, because of how scrambled my brain has been the past two weeks. Ok maybe I didn’t think through writing that last sentence after Sunday night’s Walking Dead premiere, oh my goodness it’s sticking in my head I’ve literally been replaying that in my head since Sunday, heck. It hasn’t helped my weird emotional status over grief and anxiety and overwhelmingness in general, so maybe I should talk about that? Oh wait! I know what I’ll write about. Haha, I write my blogs like I write my papers, I ramble until I have a thesis. Please don’t give me a C, professors.

Anyway the one thing that I’ve really thought about with this past episode is how I watched it with three other people, and we all cried. I mean it. SOBBED. It was really painful to watch, and anyone who’s seen it or heard of it knows what I mean. There’s real emotional connection with these characters that people don’t realize. Which brings me to my concern of the day, “It’s ok, it’s just fiction. It’s not real.” We studied in my British Novel class the idea of reality of presentation vs reality of assessment WHICH HE DIDN’T PUT ON THE MIDTERM TODAY AND I STUDIED THAT CONCEPT INSIDE AND OUT AND GODDAMMIT PROFESSOR DON’T GIVE ME A C. The presentation bit is taking things at face value and just what’s on the screen, or what’s being told to you on the page. Assessment is what it’s all about, in my humbly bumbly bee opinion. That’s where you dig deeper into the text or creative work to find what it says about humans and human nature. That’s some juicy shit right there. Like in Civil War, sure Cap and Iron Man are fighting, but it’s all about the human question of whether or not we should live in fear and install protective measures or try not to let fear rule us and accept consequences as they come. Woah. And people say superhero movies are overrated.

Fictional characters can be very real, and they matter very much to the real world and real people. Take for instance, Bucky Barnes. Wow, Sammi is talking about Bucky Barnes, no one ever thought this would happen. Bucky is a character some feel comfortable calling a villain, but lol shut your mouth. I’m giggling as I type this, please don’t think I’m being aggressive I love you pal. Bucky in Civil War was better than I imagined. He was clearly depressed, clearly struggling with PTSD and had no idea how to handle it other than to isolate himself. His self-esteem is below wherever the hell it was Wanda sent Vision in that one scene, so you can imagine how down he is. Still, he’s alive and trying to find some kind of self-worth, or some way to remember everything so he can properly reconcile the things he’s done. (WHICH HE WAS MIND-CONTROLLED FOR BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE DID HE DID AS THE WINTER SOLDIER A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY. HE WAS TORTURED GUYS OH MAN OH MAN) I have a lot of feelings about Bucky. It’s like he has a mental illness and he’s just trying to live his life and make things right again. I’m invested in Bucky because we see what he was like before his mind was made to be what it was. He was happy in the 40s before the war, and he can barely remember that one great time in his life. It’s really sad, and I sit in every Marvel movie on the edge of my seat wondering, “Is Bucky ok? How’s his recovery going?” His problems are real and relatable, and that’s why myself and many others love him so much.


My Princess Bucky

It’s like this for all fiction characters. You can get attached to them because they speak to something you care about or something you value in a human being, and that’s totally ok. Fiction has an impact and don’t make fun of people who love fictional characters because there’s something special in that kind of connection with art.

Ok, so I’m gonna try something new and see if it works out. I found a dead bee on the street the other day and realized that we’re all gonna die if this doesn’t stop. So, I introduce, Sammi sharing a resource at the end of each post to learn about endangered animals!!!!!! In honor of Gerald the dead bee (I named him) on Boylston street, I give you:

I’m not pressuring anyone to donate, but animals are a passion and I want to bring them to the conversation in a meaningful way, so there’s that! Tata my honey bees!!


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