Halloween Weekend is FINALLY HERE

I started an online therapy thing today through my school, and I’m pretty amped to try it out. Today I just logged how my anxiety’s been lately. I’m proud to say that I’m pretty much alright as of recently. GO ME!!!


I am Rap Monster and my suitemates are the rest of BTS

Yeah all I’ve been doing is listening to my favorite music group, BTS, and their new album Wings, because that makes me super happy and in the mood to dance. Anyway it’s good to have Halloween weekend after midterms have ended. I’ve been murdering myself trying to make this goddamn Bucky Barnes arm for Rocky Horror at midnight tonight. I cut up a pair of tights and painted them FOR HOURS ON END. And then I had to run out today because I forgot to buy red paint for the star. Obviously I just assumed I could just paint it with the blood that was GUSHING FROM MY NOSE YESTERDAY FROM THIS COLD THAT I’VE HAD FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS. Goodness that sounds like an emo lyric. A really, really, bad emo lyric.

As you can see in the first photo, I died at one point in this process but came back to life because I had to finish it for the love of Bucky. It was a mess. It was rough. It is BEAUTIFUL AND I’M GONNA POST PICTURES LATER OF WHEN I PUT ON THE FULL COSTUME. Anyway it’s really great to work on something creative like this after weeping and driving myself into a frenzy over midterms and essays and I’ll stop now because I’ll freak out if I go back and think about it again. Instead I’m gonna focus on hanging out the rest of the day with my suitemates, watching Black Butler, in which the title character is named Sebastian and I love him, thus continuing my problem with being totally head over heels with people named Sebastian? I’ll look into that another time. And maybe later I’ll end up doing some reading and coloring. Short blog post today gang, out of the interest of me wanting to destress and spend Halloween weekend not worrying about anything!!!

Enjoy Halloween my lovelies!!!!!!


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