When Your Bucky Costume was AMAZING

Yep it was. Did I go trick or treating? No, but I wore my Bucky Barnes costume to Rocky Horror Picture Show and SLAYED THE GAME. Though I still wasn’t as sexy as Tim Curry.


I would be happy to have a flat tire if I ended up at Frank N Furter’s.

But my costume was KICKIN. Do the kids say that these days? I loved it so much that I couldn’t take it off until 3 am because I just enjoyed taking pictures so so much. No literally I couldn’t take it off. I’d fastened the “metal arm” to my crop top with like 20 safety pins and poked myself a gazillion times just to make it look right, but hey, if the original Bucky had to go through some pain to get his metal arm, then my little struggle is more true to life. True to fiction? Oh dear.


It’s me stressing about where I’m gonna find plums and Steve at such a late hour.

It was a fun Halloween, which is good because I love spookiness and horror movies and candy and everything that is October. I’m glad it got me a little bit out of my depressed funk I’ve been in. I’m still busy as all hell and stressed to death about all the shit I’ve been assigned and what not, but that’s ok. I’m gonna get through it. I will. I SWEAR. I’m going to apply for internships in the next week, and I’m writing a story for a contest, and everything is going to work out. Baby steps. Like today. I’ve been dressing in sweatpants, tshirts, and the same pair of jeans the last week and a half. Today I figured, hey, how about I spice it up and wear a dress just so I can feel a little shnazzy today. Ooh, give’em the old razzle dazzle. And I did! And I got like five compliments!! And I felt great like wow this is what it’s like to not wear pants again. I forgot what this felt like! BOO PANTS!!! Just kidding I love pants too, but it was nice to free myself for a bit. So one dress decision started my day well and kept my day going strong.

Go dresses!!!!!!!!!

I also think it’s important to only look like a day ahead when it comes to leisure activities. I don’t plan leisure activities unless it’s something like a Marvel movie. Y’all know how I feel about Marvel. I’ve had Doctor Strange plans since September. BENJAMIN CUCUMBER IS IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE NOW GANG!!! But other than the incessant foaming at the mouth that happens to me when a new Marvel date is announced, I wing it. I can’t plan what will make me happy like that. Some days I may not even be in the mood to hang out and what not. So take it a day at a time. Tomorrow I should have some KPop posters and pics coming in, so that’s fun. I’m building a KPop wall in my room thanks to Cyndi, who has thrust me into the KPop world and made me obsessed with BTS and BigBang. My wall is literally gonna pictures of Rapmon, J-Hope, and one of two of BigBang’s Top and G Dragon. What has my life become. FOR NOW, HAPPY!!!!!!!!

So adieu my darling polar bears, go out and stop global warming for our fellow fluffy friends up north!!




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