The Midnight Blogger

That title sounds more romantic than it actually is, doesn’t it?

Well it’s actually 1 am and I’m still awake watching my favorite video of J-Hope, (my BTS bias, for y’all who are interested). And I have a big glass of water and my dumbass book about a boring whiny white man from the 17th century because hopefully that will put me to sleep. ALSO CAN WE DISCUSS HOW I JUST FOUND OUT HOW TO CENTER PICTURES?


Traumatized Hobi

Yeah I’m literally watching this poor adorable man getting frightened of snakes over and over again because why not?

Anyway I wanted to blog a couple tips for sleeping when you have crippling anxiety because the last few days I’ve been a zombie. I mean, Greg Nicotero would probably hire me to be a zombie on The Walking Dead. And I’d be such a good zombie that I’d have Daryl to kill me, that’s how I’d known I’d made it as a zombie. But to my sad sleep deprived mind due to all the homework I have, I think some changes need to be made, because I’m an adult and making these decisions by myself is important.

Sike. My mom called me and told me to get some sleep so I said, “Whatever you say Mama.”

So for my fellow anxiety babies out there, I think I have some ideas for sleeping trouble!!! Let’s see what I muster up here…

  1. Sleepytime tea. Or chamomile tea. Or peppermint tea if you feel achy or have a headache. Or ginger tea if your stomach hurts. Or any green tea, just nothing with caffeine. You know what, even avoid decaf black tea. Green tea and all that other fun stuff is so much better. That Sleepytime tea from Celestial with that cutiepie bear on the front? IT WORKS WONDERS. Also because it’s advertised as being for sleeping, it does carry a bit of a placebo effect, at least for me. DRINK THAT TEA.
  2. Read a book. I read for at least 20 minutes before bed, and not reading as in reading for a purpose. For example, don’t read over things for work, or for fellow lit students or any student actually, you may have to finish that reading for class, but read a book for fun instead. Like the boring ass Caleb Williams that I’m reading for class. I’m not reading that before I sleep, I’m gonna cuddle up and reading Fitzy’s the Beautiful and Damned. Yes I just called F. Scott Fitzgerald, critically acclaimed author Fitzy. I really get buddy buddy with authors I read or study guys. Guys I love books.
  3. MEDITATE!!!! Ok so it’s not easy at first. I’ve been doing it consistently for months and sometimes I still struggle to focus for ten minutes. But if I close my eyes and just breath for ten minutes, my eyes feel heavy and my body gets ready to crash, so it’s good. Even try to get an app like Headspace that guides you through the ten minutes if you can’t freestyle it. Some people are freestyle rappers. I’m a freestyle meditator. Take that Eminem.
  4. Something that hasn’t worked for me but I’ve heard a lot about is this weird muscle tension thing. You lay down in bed, then tense your toes for a few seconds, then relax them. Nest you try and tense up your whole foot, and release. Your calves, then release. You make your way up your body tensing then relaxing all these different muscles and it relaxes your body. Sometimes I can’t sleep because my body feels restless, like I just need to move, or walk, or something, so this might work.
  5. Don’t look at technology for a while before bed. This one is hard. I’m also a hypocrite because I’m going to bed right after this post which I am typing on my laptop, but do as I say not as I do. Oh god please not as I do, I will corrupt you or make you do some nonsensical things like scream at a rug because it smells like vinegar. That’s a story for another time…and if you are gonna look at your phone, don’t do it in complete darkness, because that’s bad for your eyes. I’ve had glasses since kindergarten, trust me on this one.
  6. You know what. Sleep with a stuffed animal. I had my Snoopy and my little leopard Daryl (yes after The Walking Dead) by my side and when i woke up I thought I was sleeping with two lil angels. I’m 20 years old. Repeat after me: YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR STUFFED ANIMALS.

Ok I’m gonna leave it at that. If I find out anything else I’ll be sure to pass on my wisdom. For now, the only new wisdom I’ve learned today is that if you can walk somewhere even if it’s 35 minutes away, go for it. It’s a nice stretch of the legs and you’ll save $4.50 in transportation costs and you’re not hurting the environment. You’re welcome Mark Ruffalo. And also on this walk you may meet a Bernese Mountain Dog and two Golden Retrievers who you get to pet and play fetch with. Doggies for the win. Also the walk was my mom’s idea too. I’m an adult who does things on my own.





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