Five Videos That Make Me Happy

Ok guys, so now that I’ve gotten out all my feelings about the Trump presidency, I feel a lot better. I don’t condone violence and it’s getting dangerous out there so I’m removing myself from all of it. That’s a bit selfish of me because I have the luxury of doing so when others don’t, but in my mind, I can remember being anxious for as long as I can remember. I remember recurring stress dreams and thoughts I had when I was three years old, and I haven’t been stress free for a single day in my life. I need to be positive for myself right now. I created my blog to help promote mental health, and I think the best thing I can do is make people laugh. That tends to be my specialty.

For example, here’s a joke. You know what really gets my goat? CHUPACABRA!

And now you’re either laughing because you enjoy corny jokes, or you’re laughing from how cringeworthy it was. Smile goddammit.

Ok so I’m going to share five videos that make me laugh, and you’re boutta see some interesting stuff going on in my head.

  1. Food for Greyhound

I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS. THIS GREYHOUND IS SO SKINNY AND IT’S SNOOT IS SO LONG. For real oh my goodness the excitement of this pupper is just so precious.

2. BTS- 21st Century Girl Halloween

So this song is BTS singing about how girls should feel empowered. This happened because Rapmon, the one in the yellow bear costume, was accused of being misogynistic because of some of his past lyrics, so he took over and made this song to show how BTS respects women and inspiring women to have confidence. Every year BTS does their choreography in their Halloween costumes, so this was what they did for this years, complete with fun little mishaps and goofing around. Catch my favorite J-Hope in the skeleton costume.

3. Sponge Lady

This woman is excited. She’s excited over painting with sponges. SPONGES. She’s so emotional over this sponge. Isn’t that so nice? My favorite quote might be when she goes, “Look at that” and then laughs maniacally after. That and “Earth tones” and when she frantically goes through some of her past creations unable to express in words.


I just noticed the format of 1 is a little different than the rest of them. Well that’s a darn shame. I’m not going to fix that because I’m too lazy for that and this has nothing to do with grades or a job, or any of that. OK I’m off topic. Number 4! Catbug! This is such a dramatic performance and it’s so precious I can’t handle it. I don’t watch the series this is from, but I watch this clip over and over again. My favorite has to be….all of it. I can’t pick, from “WHOOPSIES” to “CHAD”.

5. The final one. Here it is, it speaks literally for itself. BUCKET OF FREAKING SLOTHS


OK I think that’s good enough for me today. I’m not gonna post a conservation effort animal, because I have greyhounds, sloths, and otters. If you’re like me, you’ll be inspired to look at these lil bubs online and see if there’s anything you can do to help them and learn about them. With that, I say take care of yourselves and love yourselves!!!!



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