We Got Resources!!!!!!

On the brightest of bright sides, my class got cancelled today!!!!!!! And I was early for it!!! I actually was bothered to show up to class on time and it was the one day it was cancelled!!! Truly incredible. I am magical.


I’m not gonna lie gang, I’m still reeling from this election like all of you probably are, but I like action so I got some links for all of you.

I think it’s important to stand up for what you believe in, or else who are you? Whoa, didn’t mean to get existential on you, I can’t even grasp what existential means. We had a class the other day where we talked about meta-fiction. Don’t get me started or else I’ll start going on and on about how none of this is real and we’re all in a book or maybe virtual reality that the aliens are playing. I promise I got sleep last night. So anyway here’s some links, and remember, you can donate literally just a dollar (or five *crosses fingers*) because I’m a firm believer in little things adding up to big things, so go at it!!!

The National Resources Defense Council: Okay I’m gonna be honest. This is the big one for me. I really care about this earth, so much so that my suitemates want me to stop yelling at them when they leave a light on. I mean really, animals are so cool, plants and weather, freaking rocks, they’re all amazing and important. So many beautiful creatures like polar bears, rhinos, lions, PANGOLINS, and the Great Barrier Reef are all in serious trouble. Global warming is a huge cause for this. Fun fact about me: in 3rd grade I did my first ever PowerPoint about global warming in an after school science fair. I presented it to my principal, my parents, and some other adults in the school district. They all smiled and laughed and said I did a good job, but I wasn’t laughing because even as a 3rd grader I knew this was serious. I wanted to be taken seriously. GUYS I WROTE A LETTER TO GEORGE FREAKING W BUSH BEGGING HIM TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING BECAUSE I WAS SO UPSET PENGUINS WERE GONNA DIE. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I’m gonna get that letter, because my little elementary school self wrote it twice so I could keep a copy, and I’ll take a picture and show you. I should show it to Mark Ruffalo, my celebrity father. Yeah I call Mark Ruffalo my father, sorry real dad, I love you and you are my dad but Mark is my eco father. I’m rambling again aren’t I?

Planned Parenthood: Cause contraception is good and women’s health is also good

Center for Reproductive RightsSee reasons above. Also, am I just getting these links from John Oliver’s segment last night? You’re darn tootin’ I am. And now you can actually click the link instead of just looking at it in the video and typing it in later!! I make things easy for you all!!

International Refugee Assistance Project: People wouldn’t come to this country if we weren’t as great and free as we are, and there’s a reason for undocumented people coming here. I’ve had the privilege of hearing some of these stories and honestly this is a great cause.

NAACP Legal Defense FundYou know what’s awesome? Civil rights for everyone regardless of the color of your skin. That’s all there is to it.

The Trevor Project: Another one very close to home. My very liberal college just had one of our transgender inclusive restrooms vandalized. Shame on you whoever did that. I’d like to be able to maybe marry a girl someday (I’m bisexual, so it’s a roulette as to who I may end up with, because I like to keep ’em guessing. Give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle. hahaha why do I keep rambling) and I cried when gay marriage was legalized. Support our trans and LGBTQ communities.

MALDEFRemember Latino lives as well, because they have unheard voices that should be heard.

World Wildlife Fund: Guys I really like this one. YOU CAN SPEND LIKE 50 DOLLARS AND GET A LIL STUFFED ANIMAL CARE PACKAGE OF THE ANIMAL YOU “ADOPT”!! I did this a few years ago, my parents got me a Galapagos penguin adoption thing and I got to see how my lil Oswald (his name!!!!) was doing on a weekly basis!!! It’s so cool, or you can donate money, or even, get this, DONATE THROUGH BUYING A BUCKET OF STUFFED ANIMALS. They have a “trio of cubs” and one called “A Bucket of Frogs”. ADORABLE. BUY THINGS. SAVE THE ANIMALS. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. GO FORTH AND PROPER.

Okay I actually just looked at the time and wow I have class in twenty minutes and I still have to pee and get ready. So I hope you all take this to heart and save some stuff and make a difference, because that’s what humanity is all about!!! Love you all and take care of yourselves!!! *Makes everyone imaginary cups of tea and knits you all cozy blankets if I could knit*




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