A Wild K-Pop Post Appears (and a Brick)

I should’ve made that title “soon to be not wild” and “references to my K-Pop groups will soon be rampant” Post Appears. Yes. I have been drawn into the world of K-Pop by my delightful roommate Cyndi. She actually runs a blog about K-Pop and her life, and it’s really good. Check her out here. You can tell from my last two posts that I learned how to hyperlink and now I am a hyperlink monster who will not be stopped.

It’s funny because she knows what she’s doing in her blog and here I am doing stupid things like what you’re about to see before I get to the subject that is, in fact, the title of this blog post…



So I took it. Now I have a brick and I love it and I think I’ll name it, but I don’t know what yet. More info to come.

Anyway, K-Pop. Lemme tell y’all why K-Pop is the reason my mental health is so lovely lately. I love this one group in particular, BTS SO MUCH. SO MUCH THAT I’M CREATING A CATEGORY ON THIS BLOG FOR THEM RIGHT NOW. Wait…I already have a category for them…oh my God I can’t even manage my one person blog effectively, I should be fired. Then who would run the blog? I guess I’m all I have right now. I’ll fire myself another day. Where was I, oh BTS. And you call your favorite member in a group your bias, I have been informed by Cyndi the K-Pop connoisseur. Before I get to my bias, here is BTS, my ANGELS (wink wink, people who know BTS, my bias is an ‘angel’).



From left to right: Suga then Jungkook in the back. Jin, Rapmon, and Jimin. The two in the front: V and J-Hope

LITERAL ANGELS. So why are they so great: they make videos all the freakin time. Music videos, live performances, dance practices, all that stuff you’d expect. But wait, what makes it great is that they legit go on lil shows and play games and take stupid videos of each other sleeping and playing pranks, they have so much fun. They’re so silly and fun to watch and it’s really refreshing to see these amazingly talented famous people being so personable and open about everything. They post videos of themselves like a video log, and it can get surprisingly vulnerable. Jimin has no problem telling his fans how insecure he is, J-Hope is totally unashamed that he’s afraid of literally everything, Suga raps about his issues with anxiety, and I could go on!!! They’ve had concerts where they just kind of stop for a moment and each of them goes, “You know, you guys (ARMY is the name of the fans) always support us and we love sharing our lives with you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, really”. They put it so much more eloquently than that, I mean Rapmon is the king of language in my opinion, he’s so talented ohmygoodness. They all have their own personalities too, like Jin is unanimously the mother of the group. He’s the oldest, loves to cook, and knows how fabulous and pretty he is. But now it’s time for my bias:

*Drum roll* Wait…I think I actually told you guys who my bias is like two or three blog posts ago….I don’t remember….I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning…did I eat this morning….lol just kidding I had a bagel, I promise I’m eating Mama I’m taking care of myself. (WHOA!!! MAMA!?!?!?! REFERENCES TO MY BIAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!)


Legit he’s afraid of everything, except showing his emotions hahaha, look how clever I am. Seriously though, J-Hope has the reputation of being the super hyper happy one, he’s always smiling. However, he also doesn’t have a problem with crying or letting people know if he’s insecure about something. He likes to put on a happy face for everyone even if he’s not in the best place himself, because making people laugh and smile is fun and great, and sometimes a nice smile is all you need. J-Hope is an angel. (PS my hints above are from A) how he introduces himself on shows and stuff with “I’m your hope, I’m your ANGEL. I’m J-Hope. And B) his single on BTS’ new album Wings is called Mama). One moment this guy is all…


cutie patootie wearing a flower crown and all that jazz. Look at those cheeks. So pinchable. And you’re probably smiling from that smile too aren’t you???? Yeah you are. I know you are. I can sense it. Even as I’m typing this post now and you haven’t seen it yet, I know you’re out there smiling. There’s more though. Like I said before, one moment he’s adorable, and then the next minute…



HECK. WHO GAVE HIM PERMISSION TO DO THAT?!?!?! UNACCEPTABLE. RUDE. WOW. If you want more of the sexiness above I recommend Boy Meets Evil, another of their new songs and another single by Hobi!!!! Not to mention in the video Rapmon speaks for the beginning of it because BTS has this running mystery storyline we’re all trying to figure out that’s been going on forever now. I MEAN WE ACTUALLY JUST FOUND OUT WHAT THE BOY MEETS. HE MEETS EVIL!!!! It’s also important to note that Hobi’s “character” in this little series is struggling with some kind of mental health issues, and how he’s dealing with medication and all of that. It’s really great. I look at this video as a visual of what it can be like to live with mental illness at times, something Hobi knows personally. And he’s the choreographer. Yeah. HE’S BTS’ MAIN CHOREOGRAPHER IN CASE YOU NEEDED MORE EVIDENCE OF HOW LOVELY HE IS. I just….I’m very emotional about this. I’ll stop here because I just…I’m gonna go listen to BTS. PLOT TWIST!!!

I already am listening to BTS. Actually ‘Stigma’ is on right now, which is V’s solo song which is dynamite because V’s voice gives me chills. And it just changed to ‘1 Verse’, J-Hope’s single on a mixtape he’s working on. WHEN WILL I GET MY HOBI MIXTAPE.

The last two are my when I replayed it. I’ll go be by myself now. I think I’m gonna hold off on doing animal pics at the end for a bit because there’s a lot of photos in this one and I’m lazy today. God, what kind of eco-warrior am I…..

Good day my lovelies!!!! PS my advice is go listen to ‘Butterfly’ by BTS because it sounds beautiful, and even if you don’t speak Korean, like me, it’s all still amazing and you can look up the lyrics.



….and this is me looking at my suitemates when the look at me funny for these pictures I’m taking even though YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT J-HOPE CYNDI YOU MADE ME THIS BTS MONSTER…. ok now seriously goodbye I’ll leave you with this enlightening picture of me being judged by my suitemates.




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