BTS and Happiness

Oh yeah that kind of rhymes, doesn’t it? We got some fancy stuff going on here. Anyway, I had a blog post lined up to write yesterday all about how important post-it notes are and then I remembered something…MAMA was on in Korea Friday night!!! Basically it’s the Korean Music Awards and better than the American award shows because they’re not vain or attention hogs and everyone is very earnest and kind about receiving their awards. They all cheer for each other and oh the support is just LOVELY between these K Pop idols. Anyway, I said that it was on Friday night in Korea, right? Fun fact: that translates to starting at 4 am Friday morning for us over here. So guess which crazy bitch and her roommates sleep for like three hours then woke up to watch this award show until 10:30 am? Me. It was me. And the only reason I did was because of how much I love BTS. See earlier posts and my about page for a hint about how obsessed I am.

So I wanted to blog about that and save the post-it post (hahaha) for another time. And I’m glad I did, even if I barely slept, because it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. IT WAS BTS’ NIGHT. They’re a really inspiring group and this show proved just how much hard work, dedication, and friendship pays off.

Ok let me start with the beginning of the BTS happy train. They were nominated for Best Group Dance Performance and won!!!!! And they beat EXO, GOT7, and a few other awesome groups, so I was really happy that they won. My favorite part was how surprised and excited J-Hope was. Now, for those who haven’t read my earlier blogs, J-Hope is my favorite. I’ll leave it at that so that no one has to listen to me wild rant about how amazing and talented and kind-hearted and-you get the point. The leader of the group, Rapmon, let J-Hope go ahead and accept the award and speak for them all. He’s also a choreographer and has been dancing FOREVER so he was really excited to speak and accept the dancing award, and it was SO FULFILLING TO WATCH. I teared up. I’m not gonna lie.

And then it was time for BTS to perform….Oh. Dear. Miraculous. It started with Jungkook hanging above the stage like he was being abducted by aliens, but more majestic. That was nice to look at, but then….then something happened that made me cry. Happy crying, don’t worry. This was all happy crying I’m talking about in this post for once. I am so emotional, I should just be my own emotion. Back to MAMA, THIS performance happened. For reference, J-Hope is the one who dances first in blue and Jimin is the one who dances in red:

An explanation is needed. The part J-Hope did was his song “Boy Meets Evil”, the intro song to their new album. Then that meshes with Jimin’s solo song from the album, “Lie”, and then when the two dance together, they’re doing “Boy Meets Evil” again. The importance of this? “Boy Meets Evil”, as the intro, had a video of J-Hope dancing.

J-Hope was really thrilled about it. It was his first intro, and there’s footage of him practicing his choreography for the dance RELENTLESSLY. He worked his ass off to make sure it was good. The night before it was released, he stayed up to see what the reception would be. He was anxious but also excited for people to see that he was talented and able to make a really great video. And he did!!! It’s my favorite BTS video, even though it’s one of the shortest. He was so concerned about how the fans would react and he wanted all of us to be proud of him and love it because he says that it was what the awesome fans we are deserve. HOW SWEET. I LOVE THIS HUMAN. If you were to ask my suitemates, they’d say they couldn’t even play “Boy Meets Evil” because once I hear the first note I screech from wherever I am like a dying pterodactyl and come running. So, I heard that J-Hope would get to perform this awesome piece of work that he was super proud of at the biggest award show of the year. Seeing him do it, and seeing Jimin do the choreography with him (except when it was just Jimin doing his dreamy ballet thing, that’s classic Jimin), was amazing. He had a whole crowd cheering for him for a work of art that he put so much thought and work into and he was finally getting some recognition for it. Hobi is the least popular member of BTS FOR SOME STUPID REASON and he’s had a lot of hate on Twitter recently FOR NO REASON AT ALL and he’s always being asked where the other members in BTS are instead of people looking for him FOR SOME STUPID REASON. Still, he SLAYED AT MAMA and he loved doing it. (Not to mention those sexy faces he was making, J-Hope please you scandalize me). It’s really cool to see someone you admire and love (from afar) get recognition they deserve and hustle for. It was an awesome moment considering Hobi let us into the vulnerable moments where he wasn’t sure how this song would turn out. I like Hobi’s determination and dedication to the creative process. It’s something that really inspires (INFIRES, RIGHT ARMY?) me in my own writing and outlook on life. Keep trying and doing what you love, because no matter what people tell you, you’re amazing and so special and can do anything you set you mind to.

The cherry on top of the BTS frenzy I was feeling was when they won one (HAHAHAHAH) of the big three awards: Best Artist of the Year. I DID NOT EXPECT IT AT ALL. From their reactions, neither did they.

So….so sweet. They really do love their fans and are so humble and grateful for everything. Jungkook and Jin are crying, as usual. J-Hope, shockingly not crying, yet shocked as it is. What really struck me was Rapmon and Suga crying. Rapmon NEVER cries. I mean it, I honestly can’t think of a single time, though Cyndi tells me it was back when they debuted. Cyndi knows better than me. He’s the one who makes their little speech, and it was honestly astounding to see him get this emotional like I’ve never seen him before. They worked hard this year, putting out great stuff like “Fire”, “Save Me”, and “Blood Sweat and Tears”, and they honest to God deserved this.

Still, the most incredible part of this was Suga, the one with the black hair in the red jacket next to J-Hope.

Let me paint you a picture of Suga real quick: badass rapper, genius, very reserved most of the time, likes naps, not as peppy as the others, and overall a bit more deadpan than the rest of them. Suga does not show emotion like this, he really doesn’t. The two people I was watching this with, Cyndi and Megan, were equally shocked to see Suga sobbing on stage. WE started crying because HE was crying. I know I said Rapmon never cries but seriously, SUGA NEVER CRIES. This moment was so huge because Suga’s dream was always to be involved in music, and as Cyndi tells me, because remember, she knows better than me, I am still quite a newborn in the world of K-Pop…actually nah maybe I’m more like an infant. Like at the stage where I can just pick up a fork and stab my spaghetti with it? Ok maybe a little older, like kindergarten. I’m a kindergartener in the world of K-Pop. Back to the lovely Suga, he had a really rough life and he barely got to play his music to an audience before joining BTS. Now he’s living his dream and it’s all coming true for him, AND LOOK AT HOW EMOTIONAL HE IS. And J-Hope and Rapmon immediately bring him in for the group hug because all of them feel so overwhelmed and blessed by this award. It’s such a strong lesson in perseverance. Suga never gave up, despite his anxiety and depression that he’s constantly dealing with and rapping about. He’s turned his pain into power and now has a solid group of friends to help him through this journey. They all lean on each other and pursue their passions, and that’s really frickin great in my opinion. It was such a rewarding experience watching this show, because I respect BTS that much more and see them as an example of how it pays to be kind to others, do what you love, and to never ever give up no matter what life throws at you.


Done with the inspiring stuff? Good. Because I’m leaving you with the sexiness of BTS’ V as he seductively latches onto Jin in the middle of their performance. It’s part of that whole storyline that goes through all their videos, so I can’t really explain. The marks on V’s back are where these black wings come out of because he’s really the equivalent of this kid Demian from the philosophical novel by Hermann Hesse of the same name-yeah see it’s already complicated, so I’ll catch you all later.



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