The Power of Post-it Notes

Well I’m not gonna put that dash in post it notes anymore because it’s too much work for my typing fingers. Anyway I’ve been super stressed lately and busy and what not so it’s taken me a little longer than I would’ve liked to get to this idea of post it notes, but here I am. FINALLY!!!!

So I love post it notes, as if me making a whole post about them (HA A POST IT POST) wasn’t enough of a clue.


So for me, post its really help me with three main things:

A. They remind me to do things. I can’t even tell you the amount of absurd sticky notes I have on my desk about calling to make an appointment, bring something to class, write down last minute homework assignments, etc. I have a lot on my plate at times and my brain likes to go in eight and a half different directions at once. Having post its grounding me and saying, “Excuse you, don’t forget you owe Cyndi some money”, really gives me a good idea of what I have to do when. For example:



Yep. I even had to remind myself to make this blog post. Recently I’ve had to remind myself to take my water bottle to class and to return a library book. It’s not like I even read the library book. I just got a really thick one and propped open my window because it’s hotter than Satan’s sauna in my room right now. But, I don’t need to constantly check out library books anymore because lo and behold:win_20161206_173142

That’s a brick in my window. Not just any brick. It’s my son Ballsack pretending to be Atlas and hold up the window to get strong. He’s building his muscle mass and he isn’t even a month old. Or maybe he’s older, I don’t know I picked him up off the street so who knows how long he’s been lying there. I’ve also just realized I’ve admitted to the world that Ballsack is not my biological child. Back to post it notes.

B. They are nice little ways for my friends to tell me they love me!!!! And vice versa!!! Cyndi and I write post its to each other all the time and leave them on each others’ desks, like this little ray of sunshine Cyndi gave me the other day:


Notice the frantic I AM DUE TODAY right next to Cyndi’s heartfelt note. And I did return that library book on time, if only three hours before the library closed. But I remember I was having a shitty day and I was feeling awful, and it was December 1st. Hardly the way anyone wants to start the month of Christmas. Yeah. Like Halloween, Christmas gets its own month so live with it. Cyndi left me this lil note because the night before I’d run out in the rain and called my dad because I was so upset about my direction in life and I was at a loss about what on earth I was supposed to do about how anxious I was feeling all the time. Cyndi left this note on my desk when I was in class so that I’d come home and not get super stressed about my angry five year old handwriting demanding that I return a book about the history of art. It’s little gems like this that really put smiles on faces and can brighten a person’s whole day. Random acts of kindness y’all, remember that.

Lastly, C. They can be a colorful space with which I can write my own encouragements on. I often hear great one liners that sound fantastic and that I can repeat like mantras. On my desk at home, I have my mother’s, “This too shall pass” for when I feel like I’ll never be happy again, and my therapist’s, “There’s no truth to that” for when I tell myself I’m not good enough. What I’ve heard here at college and I’ve written down is:



Somehow my script is worse than my print. I really do write like a toddler. But anyway, this one is simple let effective. My school therapist here, (how many therapists does it take to get one Sammi out of bed) said this to me when I was terrified that I didn’t have an internship this semester. I’ve been worried that everyone is more qualified than me, and that they have better resumes and social skills and writing skills and I’m afraid of this concept of “falling behind”. My tiny post it on my dresser informs me to “calm down little Sam. You’re right where you need to be right now.” When you wake up and see a comforting message every day, that can do a lot. I’ve heard that once you do something for 21 days it becomes routine. Science!!!! So I try to say things like this every day, and to meditate because now it’s a habit. I haven’t done yoga in a bit though. I MUST RETURN TO MY YOGA. Right now I’ve resorted to stretching in odd places and freaking my suitemates out when my foot is suddenly right next to their heads.

But enough about my flexible femurs (yikes that sounds painful) and more post its!!! Tack them everywhere, the more the merrier!

And a small update on the well of misery that I’ve fallen into: I’ve climbed out!!!!! I feel like a dancing chihuahua ready to tackle the day and laugh again!!! I haven’t spoken in my favorite class in a while and today I was talking and I even sassed my professor (don’t worry I amuse him) and he loved it because I was me again and it was great!!!!!!!!! SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD MY WINGS!!!!!! LALALALALALALALALALALALA. That’s a BTS song by the way.


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