This happy pig is me. I love the commercial it’s from, because it’s just a lil piggy going WEEEEEEEE with freakin’ pinwheels. How pure. You can see the joy in his eyes even though this picture is blurrier than my future. I just want to let you all know how up I’ve been especially after having an intense down like I did. Sometimes it feels like you’re at the bottom of the well and you can’t escape, and the girl from The Ring is gonna kill you and then you’ll be dead in the well, but don’t despair! The Ring is just a movie!! So even if you’re stuck in a well, you won’t get killed by a creepy girl with long black hair. No hypothermia and starvation might get you first….this is getting morbid.

Anyway, what I mean is that it always seems like things won’t get better and that you’re stuck in a cycle where you’ll always be depressed or anxious, but that’s not true! I can’t say when a person gets to be totally comfortable living with their own mental illnesses, and I can’t say if they’re ever going to go away. What I can say is that by nature, a cycle means you’re not stuck, at least if you think about it like this: The cycle has to go up at some point! Like this little pig’s pinwheels. Those are cycles but they’re happy cycles. Get yourself a pinwheel and spin it, because that’s a beautiful cycle. Yeah, sometimes the spokes hit the bottom but they always come back up. So, remember the pinwheel and maybe think about cycles like that if you really feel trapped in that well. If you’re in the well I’ll dump a ton of pinwheels down there for you. But not food. Find it yourself, learn some survival skills, the pinwheels are all I can afford on my college budget. Maybe I can throw you some ramen.

But another thing to remember is that it’s the end of the semester! Wasn’t 2016 awful? Hopefully 2017 is the bee’s knees because holy cow I can’t do another year like this one. Are we all in agreement? Good. I’m imagining you nodding because I can’t see you reading this because that’d be creepy if I could, you know? I love you all. I’m feeling mad sentimental right now. I really do love all you who read my blog and think, “Who is this strange creature who learned how to type on a keyboard?” because you keep me relatively sane. Relatively.

Anyway to give you all some perspective on how great I’ve been lately, I just learned I have a final due in a week and not a week and a half! AND I’M NOT EVEN PANICKING OR STRESSING IT. A Christmas miracle come early. And I’ve been really looking forward to going home and seeing my dog and my family, and leaving this godawful semester behind. My schoolwork overwhelmed me and I couldn’t see as many of my friends as I wanted, and grief kind of swallowed me for a bit before it spit me back up, and a whole bunch of lil dramas in my speck of a human life. Ok when I said my life is tiny I mean in relation to space, like Jupiter and stuff. Jupiter doesn’t care about my dreams, Jupiter’s a planet with no conscience. I could write the next bestseller and Jupiter wouldn’t even know it.

Speaking of writing, I’m gonna do that more next year, because I haven’t written as much this semester as I wanted to. I’ll fix that. 2017 don’t let me down please. I’m counting on you. At least then I’ll be twenty one and then I can drink away my problems hahahahaahaha joke’s on you because I think alcohol tastes disgusting. Just toss some vodka in my tea or something, I don’t know. Or whiskey, or rum, or I don’t know, just not beer, cause that looks gross as hell. I wonder what kind of alcohol goes the best with tea? I’ll look into it later. I’m going to go and plan out my essay and the other two final essays I have to do, so hehehe into the finals void I officially go. But I believe in myself and you should too! As in believe in yourselves too, not just believe in me, but believing in me too would be a pretty nice gesture.



I used a Babe gif because that movie is AWESOME and some kid in my psych class whispered behind me out of nowhere, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do” the other day and I thought it was the funniest thing I’d heard all week.

I used two pig pics, didn’t I?


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