A Tale of Seventy-Seven Suhos

I’ll clarify from the start; I really love Suho. He’s funny, he’s got a nice voice, and he’s a good leader for EXO. I’m not making fun of him in any way other than the fact that he has a really proportionate face and he’s very pretty and wonderful, yet for some reason he’s on the bottom of the EXO list when it comes to myself, Cyndi, and Emily. (I’m in the Xiumin camp for life HOLLA AT THAT LIL MARSHMALLOW) And so, when Cyndi headed off to work, Emily and I came up with a plan. I don’t remember our thought process. It was all a blur and we were hungry so maybe that has something to do with it? Anyway, we counted the faces on the posters on Cyndi’s wall and got seventy-seven, then we spent an hour on the interwebs searching for Suho pictures, and then….you just have to scroll through these pictures they’re hilarious for real. So here is me in the act:

The Suho-ing will never stop. It took a long time to cut out all these heads and it cost about a dollar to print all of these, and goddammit if it wasn’t the best dollar I’ve ever spent.

Wow this was all pretty excessive wasn’t it? I laughed my ass off every second of it.


Emily and I were so wild about this, we laughed so hard and took care with which face went where. It was a grueling task, one we took pride in, and my God was it worth it. Cyndi was so upset it was really great, she was like WOW I’M NOT SURPRISED WOW YOU GUYS ARE SO ANNOYING WOOOOOOOOOOOW. She thought it was really funny, seriously. But oh ho ho, you thought the fun stopped there. The fun never stops there when it comes to Sammi, oh no no. Because I look away for a few moments and suddenly Cyndi has taken down all the Suhos and put them all over my wall on my own faces. Not even my bed frame was spared.

And yet again, the fun never stops. Cyndi went all out in some weird places that I didn’t even think of. She put some ON MY MAXI PADS AND THE BACK OF MY PHONE. I can say that I have a newfound respect for Suho after all of this. He’s still last on my EXO list, not because I don’t love him, but only because I love everyone else so much.

You can see how confused I am with all of this. It took forever to take all of them down. And to find them. Honestly I was reading a book and then suddenly BAM Suho was on one of the pages. Wow, oh Suho, he was also hiding in one of my drawers, and on my March 2017 calendar page. I didn’t take that away so I’ll laugh my ass off when I see it again in March. What’s life without whimsy? I’m going to make sure I get some laughs in March once I forget about it. And so that was the Suho drama, it was a lot of laughs and just so you all know, go and do stupid shit once in awhile. Just do it! Just don’t do anything illegal or rude and stuff like that. Do stupid things like posting pictures of random KPop idols on your friend’s wall.


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