Well It’s Been Awhile….

So I’m a bum. Seriously, I got home and I’m working a lot and Christmas has kept me plenty busy, so I’m on a bit of a tighter schedule is the basic gist of what I’m saying. I’ll try to make as many posts as I can, but until I get back to school I really don’t know what life will bring. I’m starting to stress about the future. I have to look for apartments this semester and I’m trying on my mom’s old work clothes that she’s donating so that I might be able to keep some for when I shortly enter the real-life-adult work force in less than a year (mother of god…)


Actual picture of me thinking about my future

Okay I just got a weird burst of inspiration while writing this post and you know what screw it I’m gonna kick SO MUCH ASS NEXT SEMESTER. I’m gonna partially run an on campus magazine, I’m gonna write more fiction, I’m gonna submit more of my fiction, and I’m going to try and make PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS even though the thought of that makes me want to pee my pants a little.

I had a good Christmas though. I got a little waffle iron, some clothes, gift cards, and oh…wait for it….


THAT’S RIGHT. THAT’S A STUFFED ANIMAL PANGOLIN. MY PARENTS DONATED MONEY TO WWF TO SAVE PANGOLINS FOR ME AND GOT THE STUFFED ANIMAL. His name is Hobi, as in Jung Hoseok, as in J-Hope, as in my husband, as in A LITERAL ANGEL WHICH MY PANGOLIN IS. This was low-key one of my favorite things ever, he’s so cute. Like right now, as I’m typing, I stood him up next to me and his little paw/claws are resting on top of my thigh as if to say, “watcha writing friend? What’s up? Hey there, we’re best friends now and I’m interested in your life, and I love you”. I love this holy cow. Holy pangolin. Goodness me I’m totally off my rocker right now.

Moving on to my last bit of news about life, I promised way back when that I would post about that time at the aquarium where Cyndi and I witnessed copious amounts of penguin sex and made a whole Lifetime drama out of it? YEah, that’s coming I swear. Let me explain. I tried to send all the images to my email from my phone and it said the images were too big and had to be sent to the Cloud, and then be transferred, and that’s where my brain cut out. So basically I have to send each image separately is what I’m saying. And there are eight pictures. And I haaate technology sometimes, so sending each picture individually sounds exhausting. So that’s my first world problem that has prevented you, dear Reader, from experiencing some stellar penguin storylines. My laziness in regards to technology. Hardy har har. I don’t know why I put that laugh there. I think I just want to beef up my word count to over 500 so I don’t feel like a loser who isn’t putting any effort into their blog. WELL HA. I GOT TO 500 WORDS, I’M ACTUALLY HALFWAY TO 600 RIGHT NOW SO WHO’S LAUGHING. Literally me. I’m laughing. God this is coming out worse than that final essay I wrote at 2 in the morning….I’ll just leave you all to experience my train of thought and see if you can figure out where my brain is right now, because I’m a little lost.



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