I Am George Clooney

Not because I look like him. No, I’m more attractive than good old George of course. Obviously. No, I am currently like George Clooney in that I am horribly immobile in my neck and shoulder area. Much like George in his critically acclaimed role as Batman in that phenomenal film Batman & Robin.

And no, I wasn’t giving a thumbs up. Actually I was in the backseat as my aunt was driving, and by an odd twist of fate my younger cousin called shotgun and was in the front seat instead of me. While we were getting off an intersection, we were rear ended by some dude. It wasn’t too bad at first, but then my neck started to really hurt and I got a pretty bad headache. Seriously it felt pretty awful and it took the cops HECKING FOREVER to show up and take information and stuff. Honestly, my dad heard the news and drove out to see if we were okay quicker than the cop got there. I had to sit there and make jokes with my cousin so that we didn’t get too bored and freaked out. Like I kept going off and saying how the cop better be hot. “You’d never catch me resisting arrest” and “Ooh officer you’ll have to take me to the county jail, I’ve broken the law” and other stupid things like that got my cousin metaphorically rolling on the ground, so that was good. Alas, the cop showed up, and he was not attractive, but painfully average.


What I wish my officer looked like

It took him forever, but finally he finished and that was that. We were starving so we wanted to eat to see if our headaches were food headaches before getting checked out. Again, I was fine at first but damn my head and neck started to really kill me, so I was totally out of it for the most part. Then my dad decided okay, we’re taking you to the ER. So we went, and I was starting to panic a little bit, because as you all know, I have anxiety! So it was awful sitting there and waiting because then I was going through  a million thoughts at once. Do I feel dizzy or is that my anxiety making me think I’m dizzy? Do I have a concussion, are my ears bleeding, what if my brain is bleeding and I don’t know it DOCTOR GIVE ME AN MRI. It was actually none of that, despite the growing pain I was in. He made me move my neck around a bit and then basically told me I had a bad case of whiplash. They gave me a horse-pill sized Motrin and I was on my way.

And I thought everything was totally fine.

And then I woke up yesterday morning.


God it felt like someone put me on a roller coaster and jostled me around nonstop for ten hours. It’s about 48 hours after and my neck is still killing me. I’ve been living on Tylenol and uhhhhhh so miserable. I hate holding my head up for too long or turning it certain ways. The doctor said it should be fine by the end of the week, but GOODNESS ME DO I HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG.

It really sucks to be in pain. Or to forget that I’m in pain and then turn around and go WELL YIKES THAT SUCKS and suddenly feel this horrible twinge in my neck. So fun fact, it isn’t fun to be sick or to be ailing in any way, even if it does make you walk around like George Clooney. He was the worst Batman, remember. But self-care is always important. No matter how miserable things seem, there’s always a bright side. Like right now, I bought myself some ice cream, I got a heating pad, and I have my two awesome suitemates with me watching a terrible Sebastian Stan movie so we can all laugh and take it easy. Then we’re going to the zoo tomorrow, so we’re gonna have a fun easy time until classes and it’ll be pretty great. I’m happy, all things considered. I mean, at least I didn’t get a concussion, and I didn’t break my neck, or anything like that.

Always look for the bright side. (Imagine me dancing and singing to Mr. Brightside on repeat until my neck feels better, however dancing around like a nut wouldn’t really help my neck recover or anything). But I believe in you my friends, and I love you all!!



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