More Videos for Your Health

So it’s been a bit of a stressful few days for us here in the states with the inauguration and all that. Personally I’m good, I went to the Women’s March in Boston today where there were tens of thousands of people and I’m claustrophobic but damn it was totally worth it. I got to see Elizabeth Warren speak and wow that makes me very happy. Anyway, for the rest of you who are also afraid of having your rights taken away, I thought I’d focus on sharing a few funny and mindless videos that really make my day better. I did this a few months ago and it’s really fun to share some cool videos with people, so I’ve been meaning to do it again for some time. Hopefully it’ll help y’all at too, and don’t forget to be yourselves and stand up for what you believe in!

  1. Omelette

Now this one is fluffy and cute and it might give you a cavity. This guy comes home from work and his best friend is more than kind to him. It’s really sweet and emphasizes the importance of being helpful and supportive to those in need. We all can learn a lesson from little Omelette here. And take it from me, who loves spinach omelettes; getting a good omelette made for you is one of the best feelings in the world. Seriously the dining hall workers at my school are my favorite people because they’re all so kind and make fantastic omelettes. That’s right. I just praised dining hall food, that’s how good their omelettes are. Anyway, let’s make sure that if people sometimes need a little taking care of once in awhile, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to do the little things, you know?


2. Jhope’s Puma Commercial

So I don’t know what this will do for other people but I love this video. It’s watching someone do what they love and putting their all into it. Hobi’s been dancing his whole life and being a freestyle dancer and BTS’s dance leader means that yeah, this guy really appreciates dancing. He loves listening to music and then just going out and doing whatever moves come to him, and it always looks like he planned it out beforehand. It’s really incredible to watch people doing what they love and having so much fun doing it. I mean I’d love to have people look at me like that when I write, but honestly when I write, it usually involves me pacing, screaming, and wearing my funny trapper hat that I’ve deemed, “my writing hat”. So that’s not very zen to watch, I understand. But I have had a friend tell me that my face lights up when I talk about books, and I think that’s more than good enough. Also Hobi’s outfit in this is awesome and I want it. And Jin’s starstruck face at the end was my face when I first saw this.


3. A Pangolin

You should’ve seen this coming. I. Love. Pangolins. DAmn are they cute. I’m gonna leave that typo on ‘damn’ because the pangolin deserves it. Anyway this video is simple and under a minute; a pangolin walks, climbs on a couch, and goes to sleep. Seems so innocent right? Right, and you get to see some reasons as to why I love these little spiky artichokes so much. They have a cute, polite little T-Rex walk going on, and they have stumpy little back legs. IT LOOKS SO CUTE WHEN IT WALKS OH MY GOD. Then when it goes on the couch, it climbs like a little baby!! It claws its way up there and hobbles into a nook where it can cozy up and sleep. I love how it so gently prods at the couch with its front legs and then pushes up with its back ones like a junior mountain climber. And there’s conservation info at the end!!! Amazing!!!!! I love them, I love them so much. Oh my goodness.


4. Cookie Decorating

Uh, this is so calming to watch. I love cooking and baking, I mean I know how to make homemade whipped cream and I’m pretty awesome at cheesecake. But one thing I really can’t wait to have enough money for is to be able to afford all these bourgeois cookie decorating things. I’m going to decorate with all sorts of different piping tips, and all the colors of icing imaginable, and I’ll do cool patterns and have all these different sized cookie cutters, it’ll be amazing. So here’s one video of that, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s really cool to watch these videos. So cool, in fact, I’m gonna post two of them!!!!



So I guess it’s technically six videos and not five since I did two for the cookies? Well I did an extra last time, so you get an extra again!!! Okay, so this video is ridiculous and speaks for itself, I mean things heat up pretty quickly, it feels like a cult gathering of huskies for a moment. Huskies are so vocal, I love it. So enjoy my lovelies and live long and prosper!!



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