Stress Dreams

Well dreams are fun.

Sometimes. The other night I had a dream that I was dating J-Hope, that was a good dream.

How come more often than not I have bad dreams? Goodness me. I’m only on the subject because I had one yesterday that just blew me away with how bad it was. You know when a dream feels real and you wake up but it almost feels like you’re dreaming again and you don’t know what’s real? That’s what happened to me yesterday. My dream was so bad that when I woke up to a phone call from my therapist for my appointment, I didn’t pick up because I thought it was my job back home calling me and telling me I was fired. The good news is I realized oh wait that’s also the area code of my therapist and everything made sense. So I called my therapist back and got everything in order. I realized I was actually awake and that my dreams were just telling me how stressed I am. I always have this big fear of disappointing people, so of course that pops up in my unconscious life every so often.

Wait I forgot to even tell you my dream. The fun fact is that I remembered it so vividly yesterday and today it’s fuzzy. I know it involved me having severe writer’s block meanwhile, my brother is a big successful businessman and I had to live on his couch because I was a poor mess.

And that was my dream in a nutshell.

I know a lot of the times stress dreams manifest with teeth falling out in your dreams, or so they say. I mean I’ve had those dreams a lot too, and Jesus those are scary. Stress dreams are strange, because at least for me, when I wake up I feel like I’m off for the rest of the day. However, that wasn’t the case yesterday!!! I talked it out and then was able to go about my day. It had the potential to be a super stressful day too. I had to turn in my short story for my workshop class. That frightens me because I’m always so scared that my writing SUCKSSSSS. I was totally fine with my story and then I read a little bit of it after I printed it and just went, “Jesus Christ….”. Wonder of all wonders though, my suitemate Julio just said, “It builds character” when I told him I was anxious, so that actually helped a lot. Normally Julio doesn’t shell out advice like that, so I’m excited about that.

So in short, yeah, stress dreams make me want to punch myself in the face. In the half hour/hour I wake up after having them I don’t even know if things are real or not. DISTRESS. Lol that’s okay. I’m not distressed. Right now at least……


Me throwing my problems off my bike and turning everything around to KICK ASS

Yep that’s right everyone. Bucky Barnes can turn his life around with the simple flip of a motorcycle, and so can you. I really don’t know what that gif has to do with stress dreams, other than that’s how I’ve felt lately. A vicious motorcycle of problems speeds at me, ready to run me the hell over and end me, but not to worry. I have a metal arm called “Sammi’s super strong mind” that allows me to get through it and OWN THAT MOTORCYCLE. IT’S MY MOTORCYCLE NOW.

I’ll leave you all with that wonderful and slightly vague metaphor, because being cryptic is my style. No it’s not I’m really obvious. Okay goodbye!!!!!!


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