Seagulls are More Interesting Than You Think

At this time I’ve realized to add another category to tag my posts, and I shall call it “Animal Stories”.

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday sitting along the Boston Harborwalk watching two seagulls. I named them Cookie and Minnie and I ended up walking to a nearby 7/11 to buy a notebook and pen just to write about the fascinating lives of these seagulls. By exciting, I mean they floated around in circles, made occasional squawking noises (it took me an embarrassingly long time to correctly spell squawking just now), for a few hours. Once they got scared by these two morons who were DEFINITELY tourists and flew away. I had to watch them and keep track of them so that I knew which ones were my Cookie and Minnie.

Anyway I thought I’d share some cool info. I found out how these seagulls eat their food. Okay, so they eat crabs. They’d stare into the water awhile, then dive under real quick and, when successful, come up with a lil crab in their beaks. Cute right! Wrong! They bring the crab, who has his little claws raised in rebellion at his capture, and drop him on the rocks and peck at him! They pick him up and drop him and shake him and stuff and sometimes, it takes A LONG TIME to kill this thing. Seriously. It was wild. But then the seagulls eat and they have full bellies so they’re pretty happy. And that’s about all I wanted to say, I’ve just been real fascinated with this image of seagulls eating crabs for the past 24 hours.

But that’s about all I wanted to say. 3 words of advice I learned yesterday:

  1. Stop and look around more often. You never know when you’ll find your seagulls-eating-crabs experience.
  2. Always bring a notebook. You never know when you’ll get an idea to write postmodern meta-fiction on the lives of two seagulls floating twenty feet below you.
  3. Go to the ocean more. Even if it’s just a harbor, a river, etc. breathing in the sea air is amazing. And hearing and watching the ocean is amazing. It’s actually the one experience I don’t think can ever be truly captured by writing, and if so, it’d have to be the best writing ever. I called it “streaks of peachy sepia tones and slate blues” and that doesn’t quiet describe the water. It always look different, and I swear the sound of waves lowers my blood pressure. Seriously, cause I walked back to my dorm and I felt the pollution and dusty city air seeping into my sinuses and pores and stuff after I left the ocean. It was really wild.
  4. That’s all I got, this 4 is not a bonus I’m just too lazy to fix the formatting.

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