We Have Located the Sammi

*Beep beep* Target spotted. Sammi is sitting in a corner of the library typing on her blog. Mission complete. Over and out. *Beep beep*

I don’t know what that was, just indulge me here. I finally just got over my sickness and yes, I have been absent from my blog for about five days, but you know sometimes we have to step away from technology to indulge our mental health. Some days it makes me feel better to sit down and read a book for hours or do some scrapbooking rather than thinking about what to write, how to organize my post, etc. Not to mention coming up with a clever title. I’m terrible at that. I have my thesis meeting today to discuss the second part of my thesis and I threw on a haphazard title that I HATE. I’m bad at titles y’all.

But anyway, yeah. Sometimes writing is a lot of effort, especially when you’re putting yourself into your writing. It can feel Herculean. Sometimes unscrambling my brain is a difficult task, because it feels like a mess of frozen spaghetti noodles up in there. And it’s been a stressful few days with my cold. I mean not too too bad, but I really hate when I can’t breathe through my nose from congestion. Then I have to keep my mouth open to breathe and I think I look weird to people around me so I get self-conscious. So walking around people was a trip. Walking dogs was a trip because I couldn’t breathe properly, and here I am getting dragged around by pitbulls and boxers and what not. And one terrier mix, who was small but mighty.

The good news is I get to walk my golden retriever buddy Leo today. I don’t quite remember how much I’ve mentioned Leo before, but I walk him almost every week, he’s my regular doggo and they only ask me to walk him. HE’S SO CUTE AND FLUFFY AND MY LOVE. I’ll set him up with my dog Bailey and then they can date. Hopefully Leo can mello Bailey out. Although she’s much older than him, about six years. Ironially, my dog would be a cougar in that case.

But my nose is better now, considering how hard my sickness hit last week. When I was sick last Thursday, I got on the train to walk a dog because I thought exercise would be good. I had to run off the super crowded train a few stops early and call off the walk because I almost fainted in the train car. I sat on the floor until I could get off then I threw up a little on the platform. Add that to my ever-expanding List of Places I’ve Thrown Up to put in my memoir. I’m dead serious, that’s gonna be a chapter. So I dragged my sorry butt home and pretty much took it easy all weekend. I did walk a few dogs over the weekend when I was getting better, and now all is right in the world.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? You can’t see because you aren’t here, but what I’m referring to is that I just got sidetracked for 45 minutes because I wasn’t feeling the whole writing-about-myself thing. I’ve been a little tired lately, obviously since I was sick. Also it’s literally one month until I’m done with college, so that’s been a little stressful.

What I’ve settled on is that I’ll look on Linkedin and all that for jobs and then see what happens. I won’t get too stressed, I’ll look for what’s interesting, and see what happens. I’ll wing it, in other words. It’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me. I do have some degree of control over my life. So I’m gonna do that now and let you all go about your days!!


Happy flowers to make you all happy



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