Sammi and the Scone

As the title so aptly suggests, I had quite an adventure with a scone today. It was love at first sight, and marriage at first bite. What a good scone.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now. In order to truly appreciate my love of this scone in the 15-20 minutes we were together, you need to be there with me as I relive my time with the Cheddar and Chive Scone. It was brief, but it was a walk to remember, as Nicholas Sparks might say.

So, here’s the setup: I’m in this little cafe next to my alma mater (Holy Cow Juice I can say that now) waiting for my friend Laura. We went to a show today that some students at my alma mater (THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD) put together, but first we wanted some brunch. This cafe is a weird one. You can order stuff and sit anywhere like in a Starbucks, or you can see the hostess to be seated. So when Laura said “brunch”, clearly she means we’re going to sit down, order, eat, etc. But me, in my infinite smartness, headed to the pastry section looking for a little munchy to order and sit at a random table.

That’s how we met. It was golden, it was puffy, it was pretty big. AND I COULD SEE THE CHIVES. OH TO BE BACK IN THAT CAFE WITH A SAVORY SCRUMPTIOUS SCONE. I couldn’t resist. I ordered it. I got it on a nice little ceramic plate and turned…to see no available seats. Literally nothing. I was fifteen minutes early, so I started texting Laura like, “Hey, I’m here, hehehe what’s up” and that stuff. That was when she reminded me we were gonna sit and order food. I just looked at this scone like, I didn’t need to buy you. So now I’m an idiot carrying a scone around. Seriously. I couldn’t just wait, unassuming, in a corner and be not noticeable. Instead, I decided to walk around in circles around the tables scanning the seats that were obviously occupied, and would be for quite some time, and fruitlessly hoping for some place to rest my damn arm. Because let me tell you. A little ceramic plate with a nice dense scone isn’t heavy at all. However, when you’re walking around a cafe getting weird looks from the employees for ten minutes while you balance your scone carefully in your non-dominant hand, it can get a little tiring.

I’m standing in the middle of this cafe for like, another five minutes holding this scone. Temptation got the best of me, and I decided to finally take a bite. It was worth the three bucks. So now I’m pacing around the cafe eating the scone and looking all over the place. I even considered asking this handsome man who had an open chair if I could just plop down and sit there while I waited for my friend. And by handsome I mean he had tortoiseshell glasses, had a cup of tea, and had a paperback in his hand with the cover folded back so I couldn’t see what he was reading. Take notes, possible suitors.

But on this day, handsome glasses boy was not enough. No, today I was smitten with my scone. So finally, hoping to rest my arm before the scone dropped to the floor, I approached the hostess and asked about seating. She told me to wait until my friend was here to be seated. Heck.

But hark! A seat opened up at the bar, and I sat there and placed my scone on the tabletop. Well I’ll have you know, I wasn’t there thirty seconds when the bartender arrived asking if I wanted a drink. Of course I had a chunk of scone sitting in my mouth as he spoke, so I turned around and almost choked on my scone from surprise. I told him I was just waiting for someone and he literally, I mean LITERALLY took ten seconds to stutter out that this was a full service bar, and that if I wasn’t ordering something I would be kicked out of my seat when a customer came along. I stood my ground and said okay, cool beans, I’ll get up if someone comes over, blah blah blah. However, the Hipster looking bartender kept giving me looks, even though there were like four other open seats for possible alcohol drinkers at 1 pm, so WHATEVER DUDE.

I took my scone and left. My scone doesn’t need to be where it isn’t wanted. I went back t othe hostess and asked if I could just PLEASE BE SEATED SOMEPLACE MY FRIEND WOULD BE HERE SOON and finally she obliged.

I should say that in all this Laura’s train got delayed and that’s why it took so long. Boston public transportation, everyone.

The hostess brought me over to a high table and waited for me to sit before putting the menus down. I made that awkward too. I put my scone on the table, but it tilted and slid off the plate and onto the table. That’s not bad, I know, but I stood there and said, “Nooo! My scone!” So that the four people sitting around me and the hostess could hear. Fantastic.

And then Laura showed up five minutes later and everything was okay. I realized an importnat lesson from my scone adventure. A few months ago, maybe even weeks ago, I wouldn’t have stepped foot inside without someone there with me for the exact fear of being awkward and not knowing what to do and just standing around like an idiot. And you know what? All my worst fears happened because I looked like a total idiot, but I DIDN’T DIE! I SURVIVED! And I got a nice scone and a funny story out of it. So sometimes even though we might be afraid to do something, just doing it is the best solution.

Savory Chive and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Scones (1) -



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