AWWW YEAH!!! I just really love the Olympics. I love all the sports, all the competition and international stories that come out and yes, this is just a great time. Even better. It’s the Winter Olympics. Let. Me. Tell. You. I just LOVE the figure skating. I love love love watching figure skating, in another life I would be a figure skater, I just love it so much. The outfits, the music, the happy faces of the skaters, it’s all amazing. This time around, I have a huge reason to be excited.

Nathan Chen.


Let. Me. Tell. You. I remember being 13 and seeing that news report on him where he was I think ten years old saying he was planning on being in the 2018 Winter Olympics. AND HERE HE IS. BETTER THAN EVER, KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES, AND HE IS SO DARN TALENTED, I LOVE THIS KID. I love his face when he’s super confident in what he’s doing, I love the spins, I love his outfits, I love his attitude, he’s the real freakin deal.

And so what if he fell on his first time out on the ice on Thursday? He admitted he was nervous and the commentators were like, “disastrous run for Nathan Chen” and all that jazz. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. I get that holding him to a high standard just because he’s that good is important, because I KNOW he’s better than fourth place, but come on. He’s 18. I’m 22, and I when I drop ice cream on the ground. I think it’s safe to say Nathan is fine, and considering that most of the other people fell also, (almost every one I think), IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL SO STOP PRESSURING THE 18 YEAR OLD WHO ALREADY PUTS ENOUGH PRESSURE ON HIMSELF ALREADY. The next time he went on the ice after Thursday, he focused entirely on the stuff he messed up. He knows what he has to improve, and I don’t think we need commentary to discourage both him and American viewers on the first damn night he skates. He knows what he can do. He knows he can do it. Let’s focus on the positive.


Can you tell I really love Nathan Chen? Seriously if you’ve never seen him skate you should, I’m praying he wins gold, he’s awesome.

Well there’s my Nathan Chen talk for the day. So on to the Opening Ceremony! And again, I had a problem with the American commentators!!!!!

So picture this: South Korea came up with this BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL opening ceremony including children, the past, the future, nature, technology, and just a stunning stunning narrative. Even without subtitles, without anything, the world could understand what South Korea was trying to convey. So having Katie Couric being like, “Wow, look at that tiger, that’s just so Korean,” added literally nothing. LITERALLY, NOTHING. It was the most useless, distracting stuff ever. Let me watch some adorable children exploring the nature and history of Korea and then show them growing up to include that in the technological future that the country is working on. I don’t need to be told that showing mountains is “so Asian,” because legit, Korea is Korea, Japan is Japan, etc. NOT ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES ARE THE SAME!!! NEWS FLASH!!!

So besides our dumb NBC commentators, everything else was gorgeous. Yuna Kim lighting the torch was AWESOME, the dances were AWESOME, the VISUALS AND VR STUFF WAS AWESOME. Those kids were so damn cute, I just loved the story and the artwork and camera work that went into it.

Then there was the Parade of Nations. Oh. My. Awesome. I love that stuff, and this is where I get to gush about KPop. At first they only played Gangnam Style, which was fine. It’s the international song that everyone knows, so whatevs. But I couldn’t help but being bitter because that’s not even close to PSY’s best songs, and I was hoping they would play more songs and not just “the one everyone knows”.


First it was Twice’s Likey. I was like, OMG IT’S TWICE YES GO TWICE GET THAT EXPOSURE YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!! And then they played BigBang’s Fantastic Baby, which didn’t surprise me. Behind Gangnam Style, that’s the song people know. And just when it couldn’t get better.




I heard Jungkook’s whistle and I almost jumped off the couch like “DNAAAAAAAAA”. Thankfully I didn’t, because I was restraining myself to not scare my roommate who was watching with me. So I was jamming to BTS when suddenly, during their song, HE arrived.

No, not Nathan Chen, but the second best option.



So I got to listen to the voices of angels while looking at this man, and it was a sensory overload of sexy. I’m just so happy.

Following BTS, the Kpop songs ended with my FAVORITE GIRL GROUP EVER RED VELVET and their wonderful song Red Flavor. So basically I wept the entire time.

Who’s ready for a quick political note? Nobody? Great! Here it goes!

Mike Pence, why does your face annoy me? He stayed seated during the entrance of Korea, because they walked out together with North Korea as a symbol of hopefully overcoming and unifying in the future. To be honest, it made me a little uncomfortable too though. North Korea is a shitty place run by shitty people, and atrocious human rights violations are occurring there. That being said, the President of South Korea is the child of North Korean refugees and was a human rights attorney. I feel like he has some kind of plan to deal with North Korea, but I don’t know. My point is, I understand the message they sent last night, and while I admire it, I don’t think brushing the human rights violations under the rug is the right way to do it. And I don’t think that’s what South Korea is doing, I get a sense they’re trying to get their foot in the door to try and figure something out. Maybe I’m naive, but I prefer that over bombing people. The point is, I don’t live in South Korea, I’m not Korean, so I can’t pretend to understand the nuances and opinions of those who do live there, so I won’t rush to judgment on anything really, I just hope South Korea has some endgame in mind.

Which brings me back to Pence. This guy, this “kneeling in a sports game is disrespectful” guy, did the EXACT. SAME. THING. at the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC GAMES that he and Trump condemn American football players for. I wonder if he sees the irony. I wonder if it will be pointed out to him. Because apparently it’s okay to do it to North Korea because they’re obviously bad, meanwhile the same protesting in America is not okay because our badness isn’t as pronouced. And with Trump’s new idea of a military parade, something that dictators do LIKE IN NORTH KOREA, I don’t think Pence is allowed to take some kind of moral high ground here. I mean from my point of view, if he had his way, I’d be going to conversion therapy for being gay, so… Yeah, keep criticizing the football players here while you do the same thing in Korea buddy. Good for you, you’re a real stand up guy. Jerk.

So that’s all for my segment, “American politics make me sick and ruin everything” for the day…

But overall I’m excited for the Olympics. I’ll be eagerly watching Nathan Chen skate, and GO FOR THE GOLD MY SON! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! Look at this badass performance from last year:



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