Dogs. All the Dogs.

I really love dogs. They’re so darn cute, and I’m so happy that I’m dog walking right now. I’m making money while getting to hang out with dogs. Honestly, I think if you have anxiety or something and you love dogs, I highly highly recommend dog walking at least a little bit.

So I could be having a rough day. Maybe it’s a little extra difficult to get out of bed, or maybe I’m just not feeling too excited about things. One of the things that helps me now is dogs. I can get a walk on my Wag app and say OH BOY I’M GONNA MEET A CUTE LAB MIX TODAY!!!!!! The dogs are always so happy to see me, even though they never met me. Sometimes they’re a little timid, and that’s really cute too. I’ll have to sit there and hold my hand out in order to build trust with them. I’ve sat there for a long time for the puppies to warm up to me, but it’s worth it because of how cute they are!!!!! They lay down and stretch their noses out and tentatively lick my fingers, and it’s just so precious. I love dogs. I LOVE DOGS.

Dogs are also a nice reminder ot enjoy the little things in life. They smell everything, and I just say their name and they look up and smile. They love being outside just for 20 mins or an hour. They drink some water, lay down, roll over, and then look up at me demanding me to rub their bellies. They just enjoy being around other people and being spoken to in a funny voice. How can you not love them? Petting them makes them less stressed, and it makes people less stressed too. When you’re with a dog, you forget about how stressed you are about other stuff in life. You just want to hug these fluffy blobs and walk around for a little bit with them. Exercise is also good for releasing endorphins and all that, so when you walk with dogs, you’re getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise.

It just feels really nice to hang out with dogs. I like taking care of people and animals, and I get to do that every day. I walked a cute puppy yesterday and he had a cute stubby tail. IT WAS ADORABLE. He just wanted to get pet on his head, and he sat in the sun on the back deck of the apartment. It was so nice to sit there with him in the sun for a few minutes. It was also breezy, and it was on the fourth floor, so the wind was also nice and it felt cool. It was a good place for me to just kind of sit and empty my mind while petting this puppy’s head. I kind of meditated for a little bit. I was focusing on my breathing and for a moment I wasn’t too stressed about apartment hunting and job hunting, and I got to take a break from my brain going thirty thousand miles an hour.

It paid off too, because afterward I felt super productive. I wrote a flash creative nonfiction piece when I got home and submitted it to a mental health magazine, so hopefully that gets accepted. If not, it’s okay, because I’m happy to just submit places. I also got over the small hump in my novel. I was in the middle of a scene a few days ago and it got to a point where I wasn’t exactly sure where it was going, but yesterday I found it and finished the scene! Now I’m getting even further in this novel. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the year, or sometime this fall. It’s in four parts, but I’m partway through part two. I also have big chunks of three and four written, so it’s looking good!!

This all started with dogs, and so I’m going to post a cute picture of a dog for you all to enjoy. I googled “cutest puppy ever” and this was the first result, so I figured this was more than enough to brighten your day!!



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