An Update: WICKED

Was I anxious to start this job? Yes. Did I think I would forget everything I learned in training on my first day with customers? Yes. Did I do pretty well my first day? YESSSSSS.

I waited until I had this day off to blog, because fun fact: Besides the manager, I’m the only sales associate they have so far. And so I’ve been there pretty much every day, which is great. I really enjoy the baby clothes, I love being responsible for keeping everything looking nice and all that. I get to open and close, and tomorrow I’m even going in the full day completely by myself.

The other good piece of this is that our store has been doing super well, so if at the end of the pop up term in January they want to move a bit east from Chicago for something more permanent, I might be able to swing some kind of content writing/marketing. That would be wicked cool, because then I get the experience of the brand now before something like that would happen.

Speaking of wicked, I’ve noticed an interesting development in the recent month. I’ve starting saying “Wicked” a ridiculous amount of times. It’s wild because I’ve heard maybe five Bostonians in my life say that, it’s not as common as you might think. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, I’ve started saying it. Maybe it’s just oozed into my life from being here for so long? It’s kind of funny how thing like that happen.

But the job is going well, I’m still looking into some stuff to apply to, but the pressure is off a little bit. I can look for full time, but I can also now entertain the idea of freelance stuff to apply to since I have something that’s at least steady until January.

The way I like to think of it is that I’m a day by day person, I don’t like to plan things too far in advance. It might sound weird that someone with anxiety and OCD doesn’t ensure everything goes according to plan, but for me that almost makes me more anxious. What I get anxious about isn’t an event itself, but the buildup to said event. For example, if I have to do public speaking, once I get in front of people, I’m okay. I can even do a little improv stuff if need be. However, up until the moment I start speaking, that’s when it gets ugly. All those “what-ifs” are a nightmare. But that’s okay. Because it’s all pretty swell now.

Another thing, I also just started a Vocal page. I can put all my writing essays and film analyses on there. It gives me my own little page with all my writings in one place. I’ll be putting that link with the rest of my published works soon, but I plan on being out a lot today, so it might happen later. For now, I keep it day by day. Which for me means walking some dogs and writing more tonight when it rains. I find I write better when it’s raining, and even better if it’s thundering. I’m not sure why, but I like to put on some music and listen to the rain hit my window and all that. It’s super cliche, I know. Anyway, I’ll let you go, have a WICKED GOOD WEEKEND!!!



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