Who’s Ready to Smile?

I moved. And let me tell you why I haven’t blogged; because I’m busy and happy!! This apartment is really nice and has AC and I love my room and I’m having fun hanging out with my roommates, and it’s just so nice.

Looking back at last year’s move, I was so stressed and I hated the centipedes and mice and stuff, but I feel a lot better now. I’ve got my retail job, I just completed my first tiny freelance job, and I’m applying to some full time stuff. I’m writing short stories and submitting to contests. I just got published in Blanket Sea Arts and Literary Magazine, a magazine about mental health. I read about them in a Poets & Writers magazine and was so in love with their mission that I just had to submit. I’m super proud to be on it, because I think the piece I wrote was great too. I’ll add it to my publications page ASAP!!!

Anyway, I really couldn’t have done it without my parents. They did everything they could to move me out and in smoothly and make sure I was feeling comfy and okay. So I’m doing really darn well.All I have left to do is hang up some of my smaller postcards and such. I just figured out where I want them all to go, so I can finally get it done!!!!

Also I’m writing a lot more. I’m submitting another short story today, and I’m even doing a photo submission of a photo I took because I’m so in love with it. We’ll see how that goes.

So this is my life right now, and I’m still a little anxious, of course. What else is new. I’ll still have to look for a psychiatrist up here. I think 10 mg is the perfect amount for now. I still have some time, so that’s nothing I have to worry about too much.

My mom is about to laugh so hard at this, but I actually love having a kitchen table. She suggested one for the side of the living room in our last apartment, and I was totally not feeling it. Hilariously, sitting at a kitchen table has helped me want to write more? I don’t quite know why, but I love it, you were right mom hahaha. We have a little power strip here so we can all kind of sit in the living room/dining area and chillax and do our work. It’s a good vibe. Kitchen tables are amazing, everyone should have one. They’re a life changing piece of furniture.

I have to go to work soon. Make that money. I walked a puppy two nights ago and it was a super cute puppy. She was a lot of work to wrangle, being a puppy and all, but she was so sweet and just wanted to lick my face. It was a nice little ending to my day. I’m gonna see if I can walk another dog today after work, we’ll see what happens today. I like to play it spontaneously, which is kind of ironic considering the whole anxiety thing going on. The best I can figure is that by having too much of a plan, I get stressed over everything going according to plan. Then if something goes wrong, or differently, it throws me off. So it’s actually a little scarier to have too much laid out.

I’ve also been doing pretty well with cooking too. I made pasta in chicken broth with garlic, arugula, romano cheese, and pine nuts last night. It was AWESOME. So tonight is salad night, I’ll have arugula with lemon juice, and some other stuff in my pantry like almonds, croutons, etc. I also have brown rice so at some point I’ll probably do some kind of fried rice thing in the future. Stay tuned for that adventure. As simple as it is, I haven’t done it before, so this will be funny. Then again I just chucked a lot of stuff in a pot last night and it turned out better than I thought. Here’s to me continuing my Pokemon-style evolution into a fully fledged adult.


I used to be Mareep, the first little sheep Pokemon there. I think I’m a bit more of Flaafy, the middle guy. Someday I shall be Ampharos.


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