About This Lil Blogger

Hey there pals! I’m Sammi, and if you’re reading this you get an air hug from me from wherever you are in the world. Ok, so this blog is for me to chronicle a bit about my journey with anxiety, depression, and OCD on the daily, and also talk about what it’s been like living with these fun little mental monsters for my whole life. Seriously, I still remember intrusive thoughts from when I was like three or something years old. Also you’ll get to hear me ramble on about my pop culture loves like BTS, the best KPop group and actually the best artists ever in my opinion, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, books and books and books, animals because who doesn’t love animals, random little TV shows I like, including but not limited to Game of Thrones, Tokyo Ghoul (among many other anime, too many to name), Bojack Horseman, etc. and a bunch of random things I like that have nothing to do with anything. What a long sentence that was. So here’s something interesting; pangolins look really polite and awkward when they walk. Look up a pangolin and how it walks and you’ll get an accurate representation of how I get through my life. Alright I’ll let you go so you can read my other posts, because I think I’m funny and insightful. Go call me funny and insightful, will you?

Basically, I’m a writer. and this is a place for me to do my informal writing that I can publish on my own platform to tell people what I’m up to. While I’m out here doing my own writing and living my life, I’ll also put a page for my fiction, non-fiction, and poetry work that I get published. Poet peeps, don’t get too excited, I don’t do poetry that often, I’m a prose lady. I focus mainly on mental illness, so if that’s what interests you then you’re in luck!