YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID I'D BLOG BY TUESDAY AND AHA!!! HERE I AM AFTER A HECTIC DAY REFRESHED AND HECKIN BLOGGING FOR THE WORLD TO READ. As stated above, I had a hectic bit of a day today, which was good. I definitely got the blood moving. I walked a dog Benji, one of … Continue reading HAHAHAH IT’S MONDAY NIGHT


SORRY I LIED (and some tangents)

Yeah this has been haunting me the past 24 hours. Remember last blog I said I would try to blog before Wednesday? I'm writing this on Thursday night and probably going to post it tomorrow morning, so....sorry y'al. I'll get better, I promise. I PROMISE I SWEAR. Maybe not this month, or something, but I … Continue reading SORRY I LIED (and some tangents)